Burn, Baby, Burn

A quarter year burns like an upscale California forest, so quick it’s almost incomprehensible.

Consequently, it’s important to always be creating something every day. The end product isn’t nearly as relevant as the practiced motions used to create them and keeping the machine properly greased is essential to one’s passion to create. It’s also having the discipline to simply produce consistently without necessarily being concerned with the quality of its results. Take at least one picture or write something, create anything to mark the day, once a day, leave something on earth that wasn’t here yesterday. Even if it’s a complete piece of junk.

Otherwise three months burn by and one wonders if all that smoke won’t someday become a pack of cancer lit with a book of tumors and the stretches of time that were lazy and complacent will begin to taste sou and turn rueful.

What great inebriation! What a glassful of cool rye will do to a heated mind. A mind still full of adolescent confusion fueled by youthful passion and ardor for all things human and beautiful. Now that’s a quality burn.


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