Weapon Of Choice: Purchasing Power

there is rain on the window sill, a little puddle forming on the inside. the grey has been a weighty slab of flesh dampening the color of these trees and hills, a seemingly unending year of a thick, bland sky. the reluctance to reach out, text or call is indicative of my apathy and it’s only a moment more that will determine whether i leave this house or crawl into bed.

opt to leave, little man.

and bring your checkbook.


The Cruel Side Of Yuletide

nearly a fortnight later:

the madness! the relentless attention i must distribute to the inane masses just to get through the day! the endless repetition of conversation that i endure to remain on the safe side of sane.

the holidays bring an armada of random insanity exhibited by otherwise normal people going about their day. instead of allowing generosity and the ideal of peace and goodwill to determine their character, a gross, misplaced sense of entitlement burns swaths across the streets, cities and hemisphere. laying selfish waste towards those who must tolerate them, from civil services to dinner servers, to retail clerks to clergymen, the innocent unfortunately must feel the subtle (and sometimes not so) brunt of ill behavior brought about by the holidays. whether trying to escape from family tension or struggling on an economical tightrope, the reasons don’t justify this malfeasance. it may merely be overindulgence or the overwhelming pressure of absurd societal demands, these causes drive some people to act unbearably unbecoming while supposedly enjoying the season.

these misgivings defy the very nature of the holidays and as long as there is unwarranted stress that becomes unwelcome abuse, these particular winter days oughta be tossed into the wilderness, forever to be lost in the bottom of the coal pile. long fuel for the frigid winter instead of tons of gasoline for the silly christmas consumer machine.

Records and CD’s Rule

The smell of those new labels, the ink barely dry inside the plastic case, the tattered used bootlegs and rarities hidden among aisles and shelves of innumerable varieties of music, the fluorescent lights that glow from the inside this indistinct square building and bleed onto the street side until late into the night is what I love.

I am often the reason why friends wind up waiting, god knows how many times women become exasperated at the lack of attention they may receive while watching this furious perusal of beautiful music. Or maybe it’s because their drinks have worn off at the same time I’m just getting started.

The clicking of the plastic cases as people’s hands rummage through rows and rows of used cd’s, through random types of music that somehow find themselves aside each other, waiting to be bought, brought home and played at dangerous decibels.

Music nerds understand the import of a good bootleg, a rare single of a demo of some dead obscure rock god may fetch some astounding price and it all makes sense when they rush home and feed their record player this gem and lay back and listen until they become drooling messes.

Tattooed mechanics (Old 97’s), middle-aged lovers (Kitaro), suburban mothers and daughters (Gaga, of course), all strolling the same grounds looking for more reasons to not just download, but to actually add something tangible to their collection. Or perhaps just soaking up the colors and designs of the varied album covers and posters, sometimes music is as much visual as it is aural. Everyone from every level and dimension of society walking and rummaging for what fascinates them regardless of any other element outside the doors of the store, they all love their music and they’re all here for the that reason.

This wide open jungle of music that travels all over the universe is one of the most glorious places on the planet, part museum, gallery, amusement park, and a whole little bit of heaven. Open ’til midnight everyday. It says so on the door.

Merry Christmas, From Payless

It’s this time of year that grips you in the middle of routine moments and shakes the goodness from your bones so you can share it with others. This time of year is when generosity and benevolence labor to overcome the hot-blooded impulse for expensive things that don’t really mean anything.

Even in the farthest reaches of the planet, this time of year is absolutely inescapable.

Toys Will Be Toys

For some reason, I love being surrounded by contraptions. Remote controls, cell phones (actually, I don’t like cell phones), iphones, ipods, and my icommode is coming in the mail. My camera, which I love, is an incomprehensible gadget that will take great photos once I figure out how it works.

There are also nifty things I have yet to find a need for, like TiVo, new programs on the PC, miniature game stations, remote car starters, light turn-onners, fridge openers, and automatic snack dispensers. I’m not that lazy, yet. All these wonderful electronic amenities are designed to make my life simpler and more convenient, right? Right.

I’m sure there is a psychological complex that defines why people need to have little things that whir and buzz, things that shine and light up, things that make us rulers over our technological masses, I just hope they figure all that out after Christmas.

Or World Holiday Day. I’ll call it whatever they want as long as I get some filthy swag that has an LCD display. Though a painting or a nice plumb bob are perfectly fine gifts, too.

Trample Trample, Little Star

In India, there are people who, in the name of religion, gather en masse to worship and revel in their faith. They converge in temples that are usually antiquated and not designed for such large groups, so sometimes when they’re celebrating their relationship with god, tragedies occur. As in stapmedes, where twice in India this year hundreds of people were fatally trampled.

Unfortunately, human stampedes happen quite often, involving pilgrims, soccer fans and nightclub-goers all over the world.

But only in the great United States do people stomp on each other to death to cram themselves into a department store to buy things.

To celebrate their relationship with god.