reid_chinaReid C. has stayed in various cities throughout Vietnam during 2008. He has since then recently returned after a year abroad and this blog is a way for him to pass messages to those who know him or may not. These such messages are in the form of daily observations, venting and a journal of his travels.

He is from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, he has had numerous various occupations and never sat still enough to finish school but understands he will be a lifelong student of both academics and the “real world”.

He welcomes all travelers, writers, observers, pundits, homebodies, nerds, jocks, and those from all backgrounds. He hopes to hear from those who may share opinions or, even better, vehemently disagree.

This blog is a silly computer fad and not meant to be taken too seriously or even worse, out of context. Thanks for reading and being his friend.

His email: redrider34@gmail.com

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