Sick and Riveted

It’s going to burn hard and swift, be action-packed with sex, art and violence then suddenly conclude leaving nothing but dizziness and a beautifully fed brain.

Pure minds and filthy intention, summer’s ensanguined appearance has left me longing for languid days of sloth peppered with moments of heart-smashing adrenaline. Instead of the other way around.

You’ll eventually have a fleeting moment with some guy which will be so insanely intense that it will be all you can do to just hang on and watch the scenery blur by. Naturally, it will eventually dissipate and a rift will be defined by both covert and obvious differences between you two. Fortunately, not before you see the beautifully new and wonderful things that compose the world all the while keeping the boy in check. You’re going to learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible, realize the intricate flaws of men and their pure desire to please the whims of women, you’ll glean a strange and wonderful experience from someone who won’t twist you out or wreck your spirit. Despite being furious and quick, it will be a most memorable trip.

It will turn your youth into a dirty year in a matter of seconds, reveal your sweet, vile desire and exploit your every inch of skin as if it were a forbidden land being crossed by a sick and riveted conquistador.


Fireworks Go Boom

The freeway circuit that surrounds downtown is the best view for the fireworks that are shot from a barge on the Willamette. The arcing slope of North Interstate 5 as it descends the Marquam Bridge puts me 150 feet above the water but close enough to touch the smoke and bursts of lights and deep explosions and as I orbit these huge airborne fireworks the city’s little skyscrapers are eye to eye with a boy on a motorbike on a bridge on a holiday.