Go Cardinals

Attempting to explain the honeymoon. The tempting funny swoon whose dizzy rooms lay waste to boredom and humorless goons. The laughter and giggles, high school rain drizzle, breathing in water, like curling in a womb. Fetal and regal in this beautiful tomb.

The running, the lunching, when will we fight, will there be choking or punching? Kissing or licking, wild windshield kicking, what beauty beholds this wicked reckoning!

Dribbling information to a starving little dude. Anything less would just simply be rude.


Who Are You?

Wow. Morning thunder and roaming hands swim in and out of wet cut offs and trailheads. Smart remarks and long legs, fast mornings and growing intensity make living worth living even though it makes you wanna die.
Suicide wedding. Murder me on one knee. Wrap the miles of soft body around me and suffocate the world away.
You beautiful f