Cereal Rules

Cereal has got to be one of the biggest scams in American history. The idea that a grain of rice, oats, corn, or any barley (grass seed) that can be marked up a billion percent is a boat I wish I had caught. General Mills is one of the brightest minds in military economics.

As I stand in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store I can feel my ADHD kicking in, photo2the lights and my peripheral vision begins to tremble, my blood becomes itchy and I lose concentration on the most simplest of thoughts. Like trying to figure out if I want regular or honey nut. The shelves of cereal are really something to behold. Endless colors and designs and labels, for every budget and upbringing, granola, sugar bombs, things that look like twigs and things that look like gumballs.

Being on a slightly healthier kick of sorts, finding a cereal that doesn’t have them tasty preservatives and labroatory colors is a feat. And finding one under 4 bucks is near impossible. So I’m back on the cream of wheat. Better yet, the coffee guzzled in the AM is sometimes the best meal of the day.

One response to “Cereal Rules

  1. The picture is beautiful–or maybe it’s the cereal boxes. Anyway, I had forgotten that going to the typical supermarket is where half the aisles are a wasteland, which is not a bad thing because they are so popular and taste so good and make it easier to fill up the empty space on the couch.

    Thanks for the memory.

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