Along The Willamette Wall

Disseminate. Desecrate. Alleviate what’s on my plate, take a break and contemplate why appearances tastes so great but eyes comprise of sweet hate with nothing proper that escapes from venom lips of mouths of late…

The terrible genius of genus homo sapien has nothing on the stars that fill and fall from the night along this city’s river. With cold slaps of wind like sudden hands of drunken wistful lovers, reels heads and flesh in the midst of beautiful violence. Unpredictable and almost rueful with stern intent, September’s calm awakening has grown a chill in my bones as I straddle these decisions…

ain’t no good or bad or right

meteor shower in the midst of the moon’s summer glare and the deer that leapt the road watched us as we quietly backed up silent motorcycles to get a slower look.

motors off in the black of night with nothing but lunar light is the only way to ride breathlessly.

there is no good or bad or right when this moment outweighs death’s delights, so all decisions are essentially easy.

8.9 Reasons To Run Inland

Back a few (quite a few) years ago, I saw a documentary about the Ring of Fire on a massive IMAX movie screen and was quite amazed at the sheer beauty and power this world displays on a daily basis. But sometimes with awe and amazement come violent outbursts and sudden destruction that changes the lives of people forever in a completely different way.

Felix Domesticus

Miss my damn cat. This cat was was raised by two full grown dogs and had the cool mindset of a cat but the personality and need for humans like a dog. She had a stub tail so her name was Minus, she was a runt and found in an alley as a kitten but wound up having a great life for a random animal. She let you scratch her belly and she’d almost fetch. She’d bark with a meow and hold her own with the big neighborhood felines, she’d wallow in your lap and remind you that even if you hated cats, she was cooler than any other you’d ever known.