Straight Bourbon and Straight Razors

straight bourbon and straight razors,
wild happenstance in dark bars.

no words will calm the danger
that stalks her from afar.

there’s nothing god gave her
beyond what’s in her heart,

blood and bruises, not from anger
mark the spots that map the art

down the skin and streets of a stranger
where fate played a part
from the start.


Still No Ring

Maquiladoras, malevolent monstrosities of miserable moneymaking

Invites insanity and incumbent inequities involving

Stoical societies succumbing to sadistic symmetry.

Corporate cohorts connive and construct conglomerates

Operating ostensibly, overseers of the oppressed,

Nimbly navigating numbers of new natives,

Churning Chihuahua’s children into cheap chattel.

Enterprising, exploiting, enveloping environments en masse,

Privatizing, procuring, parceling people for production,

This thievery from threadbare third-world throngs

Is insidious, implementing irreverence with investment

Of our country’s ornate opulence, overbearing

Neighbors with NAFTA’s nightmare, todavia no anular.

cogito ergo glug

Focusing is an awful feat when one bloodshot eye is all that stands between my face and a street full of asphalt.

When the luster of ludicrous and ridiculous recreation gives way to a new way of thinking, new way of drinking, the dots connect again, easy like leaves falling or dawn breaking.

Wine’s my new friend, its histamines can take a hike though they pack my sinuses like mud as I fitfully sleep through the roaring night.

I miss Oregon Pinot tickling my lips and spine like a soft little animal nuzzling for attention, it’s time to revisit the sweet study and stuff of wine.

Winter’s in the wings and the time for cuddling is in. Gimmie a jeroboam and we’ll have a ball in the bottle while it all rolls off our skin.

Rabbit The Dog

Lost dog
Apparent spring,
March forth into new wilds
With fresh beginnings.

Speckled and slung with a nose searching mischief,
Wild and running into nighttime waiting eyes,
Feral though loyal, Rabbit sought her reasons
Buried in dark evenings and when she found
The right time she returned to the sky.
Brilliant animal whose sly wit and cunning advantage
Made monkeys of people and prodigies of dogs.
Brown marks concealing her form
Against the green of Oregon’s arms
Allowed her liberty to stalk and prod
Up and down neighborhoods and wetlands.
Bound in the house during times of youth
Stifling the fury in her animal bones
Containing such raucous desire
Proved the finish of many chewable objects
Her belly was the mecca for faces and rubbing,
Clean your ears and throw her soft spots at you
Only hands could restrain her fence-breaking ways.
No trash bin safe
Or rodent nearby, no feline was clear
Until the dog found more interesting distractions.
Jumping like some dingo kangaroo
Towards the towering trees that held squirrels safe,
The beast in her skin just wanted to play.
And say hi.

Along The Willamette Wall

Disseminate. Desecrate. Alleviate what’s on my plate, take a break and contemplate why appearances tastes so great but eyes comprise of sweet hate with nothing proper that escapes from venom lips of mouths of late…

The terrible genius of genus homo sapien has nothing on the stars that fill and fall from the night along this city’s river. With cold slaps of wind like sudden hands of drunken wistful lovers, reels heads and flesh in the midst of beautiful violence. Unpredictable and almost rueful with stern intent, September’s calm awakening has grown a chill in my bones as I straddle these decisions…