Lighting Lightning

Lightning lightning lead me clear
of madness met with wet veneer,
Enlightening lightning read my fears
so I can own what’s in the mirror,
Frightening lightning, vast and pure
show how quick our love appears,
Lightning lightning brought me here
to savor summer’s waning year.


Ira? I Hardly Know Ya!

Shin deep in Ira Keller’s Fountain and the middle of the night’s never been so quiet.

Gas tank’s drained bombing up the mountain, the summer’s waning and I’m trying to fight it.

Birds elude the attack that’s mounting and the wile in their smiles don’t try to hide it.

Honeybees, honey please, these streets are our playgrounds, you’ve just helped decide it.

Architecture of Summer

It’s hot. People you know are stripping down and running through fountains in the middle of the city in the middle of the night. Fountains you didn’t even know existed though you had passed by this very spot on Front Avenue many times and just missed it. With a bit of convincing you realize that this decision couldn’t have been a better one and despite later riding home on a motorcycle in soggy jeans, you’d do it again a hundred times over.

Wah Wah, Har Har

It’s approximately 540 steps from my front door to the grocery store. Within those 500-odd steps there lies on average seven to ten women who are wholly visible and whose beauty precedes the one before them until the absurdity of the whole thing overcomes my senses and I just break down. Weeping with laughter. Going to the store during a Portland summer to get a jug of milk becomes a sweet journey into the wonderful reason why boys do anything they do in this world. Girls.

Breakthroughs and Inevitable Adieus

The directions we choose
whether led by crime or virtue
are ours to make the best of
why we are and what we do.

Midnight motorsickle summer ain’t done
when sweat begins to trickle you know you’re having fun.

Rolling hillside knives
of a passing moment drawn

upon the dark until it becomes dawn on broncos we’re sitting
playing like mad children while our grown-ups stay hidden
as the darkness colludes with our blood and its bidding.

All for the moment for which we are living.

Abuse me, muse. Confuse thee, muse. Arouse the fuse caroused by booze then dropping knees and prayers in pews.

Everything happens when there’s nothing to lose
and pedestrian trappings are just food to eschew.

Bless you.

Ramble. On.

The math involved with figuring out what size to buy my Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-Fit jeans escapes me with a huge laugh.

The reason why people stop at green lights and blow through the red ones also eludes my little brain.

I sat next to a great English kid at the soccer game today. Probably about 10 with a thick Manchester accent, at his first professional football game he’s seen in the States, he was impressed with the fans, not much of the play. His dad was happily drunk and his mom was keeping an eye out for both of them. We had a good 2 hour relationship and every minute was well spent, showing up alone to places where you’re bound to make friends is a great thing about this world.

Plantimals are my new little passion, got me a sundew, butterwort and a pitcher plant for good measure.  

Despite popular rumor, summer’s making quite a pleasant appearance in Portland, perhaps the season will drag its feet into autumn and damn the calendars and clocks.

If the women in my neighborhood don’t start staying home instead of strolling around and distracting my driving, there may be citations, the swapping of insurance information or, most likely, an ambulance coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha.