Rabbit The Dog

Lost dog
Apparent spring,
March forth into new wilds
With fresh beginnings.

Speckled and slung with a nose searching mischief,
Wild and running into nighttime waiting eyes,
Feral though loyal, Rabbit sought her reasons
Buried in dark evenings and when she found
The right time she returned to the sky.
Brilliant animal whose sly wit and cunning advantage
Made monkeys of people and prodigies of dogs.
Brown marks concealing her form
Against the green of Oregon’s arms
Allowed her liberty to stalk and prod
Up and down neighborhoods and wetlands.
Bound in the house during times of youth
Stifling the fury in her animal bones
Containing such raucous desire
Proved the finish of many chewable objects
Her belly was the mecca for faces and rubbing,
Clean your ears and throw her soft spots at you
Only hands could restrain her fence-breaking ways.
No trash bin safe
Or rodent nearby, no feline was clear
Until the dog found more interesting distractions.
Jumping like some dingo kangaroo
Towards the towering trees that held squirrels safe,
The beast in her skin just wanted to play.
And say hi.


Some Times


Sometimes the sun sets at the exact same time it rises against a new day.

Sometimes people converge and then release, our words rope in furor or keep destruction at bay, when we’re unable to discern between what’s proper or prosperous or what’s senseless or dangerous is what makes all relationships invaluable. Every past relationship and their influences count towards the sum of who we are today. There’s never waste in knowing someone because everyone delivers a bit of blue sky whether they carry black clouds and chips on shoulders or merely the weight of the past on their back.

Sometimes it takes a little sunshine on the cheek to realize what must be done and other times it takes a brick to the face.