Mother’s Day Motorbike

Today in March of 2017 is the first time I rode a motorcycle since I crashed one real good in April of 2016.

Funny how there is no life or death or bliss or pain that can measure the pleasure found on the back of a motorbike. Funny.

My mother’s birthday 20 days before her death day, two weeks after my brother’s suicide left us all in dark dismay. I’ll never leave you broken that way, never leave you unless you want it that way.

Ten grand and I can make you understand and we’ll ride until there’s nothing left of land.


Fly, Butterfly

Never in my life have I been so needy. I’ve always been the one to be present and collected during crisis and catastrophe. This cold and empty loneliness is truly the darkest I’ve ever felt.

I keep thinking if I chase her down she’ll fill the void I’ve opened up.

Then I remember that I’M the one who sent her packing. I’M the one who needed the change. I’M the one who asked for this.

This chrysalis is driving me deeper into places I never knew existed. The worst place on earth right now is inside my head and soul.