8, 9, 10

1: nothing about anyone is pathetic.

2: being happy consists of small moments of satisfaction strung together through the peaks and valleys of everyday life.

3: find what makes you unhappy and rid that behavior/environment/people from your everyday.

4: faking anything is poor advice. you can put on a happy face through a bad mood during the day but nighttime is where it’ll catch up to you. if you want to live a lie, so be it. lots of people do it. if you want to live a life, bite the bullet so you can taste the dessert. it’s much more rewarding.

5: are you not intelligent and insightful? beautiful and educated? your worth is far beyond that of many of your contemporaries, you’re absolutely badass. you CANNOT forget that. ever.

6: ask yourself what you want. what things make you smile? what ideas or ambitions make you “happy”? concentrate on what brings you pleasure, not the fact or reasons you’re unhappy.

7: we all have certain chemical imbalances that dictate our day. some days i feel like the leading role in a superhero movie. some days i don’t leave the house because the thought of having to interact with strangers terrifies me. so i hunker down and draw the blinds hoping tomorrow will be better.

it’s silly, but it’s life. my life. our lives. gregarious and enthusiastic, shy and quiet. fun and sorrowful, up and down, smart but a lot of times not so.





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