Are & Are (Arrgh! & Arrgh!)

Rant and Rave. Rest and Recreation. Rittenhouse and Reidiculousness.

Nail polish remover and a blow dryer. The practical things I miss about not having a woman in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I miss everything greatly but those two everyday items are invaluable to a plucky, dirty finger nailed, fiddler of nifty and handy things.

Is there something wrong with me and my sense of timing, physics and ability to recognize octagons? If an intersection has a stop sign for one street but not for the other and you’re driving down the latter, you do not have to come to a complete stop since YOU DO NOT have a stop sign on your street. Between the legendary passivity of Portland drivers and their inability to negotiate a 2 or 4 way stop correctly, I’m surprised if I make it home without frothing at the mouth. Oh wait…

A shot of whiskey at 10 am is likely not the best the way to start the day. But it certainly isn’t the worst.

I love my city. (Despite its drivers.) I LOVE PORTLAND. It’s a modern-day utopia that glows with fresh ideas and is a model for every other city in the country in terms of art, music, infrastructure and social services.

The W-word is verboten in social media unless it’s positive or promotional.

There is a terrarium in my house that will soon house frogs. Dart poison frogs! I don’t care what anybody says.

Pop has a bad case of the gout. One of my best pals has a bad case of being hit by a car. I’m recovering steadily from an insanely bad breakup. We all got some trauma or drama, we all have some sideways business putting us out of sorts but if we count all the beautiful people and wonderful things that decorate this world and define our lives then everything else just becomes part of the composition. It’s all a part of who we are, distinguishing our personalities and defining our character.

Ice Cube is the man. Some of his writing is just ridiculous.

Finally, I’m somehow just recently learning about the beauty and logistics of stencil and street art. Guerrilla stickers and wheat paste. Social commentary through vandalism? That’s a thing. Been a thing. Will always be a thing. It’s called (art). See below.

Open to the World, Blind to Your Surroundings

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