People’s Republic of Platonica

Is Platonicville a place? Because I know this beautifully grey area where there is no messing around from the neck down and the sunsets are often witnessed from a river gorge or a cascade mountainside. If there’s a city council on which I could run, it would be in Platonictown. I’ve heard their trees are as green as giant crayons and their ice cream looks like diamonds while tasting like pure gold. Or is it pure god?

The Isle of Platonic has no weird complications from unspoken expectations, there is freedom of affection without pressure to perform, no need to lay claim or to please the other party for needless validation or acceptance through pleasure and there’s no obligation of explanation or exclusivity.

It’s a special place where every other quality of a relationship grows more prevalent and relevant, like intellect, perception, beliefs, values, ambitions, histories and ideas. Character and personality push to the forefront of conversation and the mundane pursuit for the endgame of sex is weirdly relegated to the forgotten areas and dilapidated neighborhoods of Platonicburg. Remaining unimportant, redundant, basic.

This is Platonic City. A place of beautiful ambiguity and endless possibility where I will find solace until both confidence and desire rises again and takes over my body like a reckless teenager drunk on ambition or a blind alien who just jumped from a crashing, flaming, punk rock spaceship.

Strangely, finding this place will be just as much fun as staying there for awhile.

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