Untitled. Unrequited. Unbridled. Undecided.

The breath she steals and the glances she shoots quickly sweep across the room like random death and feels like a slap on bare skin or the fierce blow of a blast furnace.

Asks me to take her, own her, smother, pull her hair like a mad, torn lover, from behind she pushes against me and she juts out, lithe and sultry, and I struggle to keep my hands off her. Pin her down and push the moan from her lungs and I’m fighting every impulse not to tear into every inch of her writhing body. Like a sleek reptile dipped in a reckless river, she is the purest animal reacting to a ravaging, primitive human action.

My mouth cannot stop trying to swallow her lips, I’m doomed to be indentured by her eyes, power and slithering hips.

Aggression gives way to concession as it becomes key to salvation from her keen insight, her sharp, poignant answers and observations that leave most in the dust. Her age is a number distant and arbitrary and despite being unable to ignore the arithmetic, I relax knowing that math has never been my best subject.

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