Lets Go. No. Really, Let’s Go.

Ever wanted to just stop everything and go travel? A loaded question but still important to ask. I once believed that it took half a lifetime of work to finally sit behind the wheel of an RV or join some senior tour group caravanning through Europe.

Tangent: Hard to imagine an entire generation that had to endlessly toil just to stay barely fed. Or a single mom with two jobs riding the city bus. Not much in the way of folks being overfed during the deepreshin’. Here I am talking about airplanes and leisurely international travel.

So why not go now, besides the inconvenience of finding work when you get home? Why not take time and travel? Be damned not having the stability that affords so many pedestrian lifestyles. Such lifestyles rarely even fathom the idea of international travel.

Some people are perfectly content being comfortable in their own state or region and since the United States is so massive, being sequestered to your own area often means having an enormous amount of land to explore and enjoy, so why would you go anywhere else?

Vacations, staycations, whatever the reason, the travel should be pleasing and observant of the beauty in cultural variety and beautiful differences.

Go! Pack a damn bag and go!

I want to work in Vietnam, save up for a conversion van, come home and drive me and my sweetheart across this great nation in which I was born. After that, the idea of jetting from Southeast Asia to France for no good reason other than to just do so, is truly a dream so grand I can barely wrap my pea brain around it.

I want to die in France. Paris awaits me and I shall do what it takes to get there, live there, be there, indefinitely. Grow old and more beautiful in a country built by style and grace and dressed in love and simplicity. Where else would I possibly belong?

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