Those With No Love Know Not What They Do

With this particularly awful turmoil that has embroiled me this past month, I have come to realize that the sheer number of people who care about me is immeasurable. I neither understand it or deserve it but when those who know me come out to show me that they truly care about me and love me, my life just becomes richer and more glorious. I’m charmed beyond description, my heart has won so many past lovers and present friends that my support is tremendous. It makes me terribly sad but also quite elated that I had to be so out of sorts to see that I am loved by so many people. When the darkest moments swallowed me whole I somehow felt like I had an army at my back. I will never take that for granted or forget how valuable you people are. Ever.

This beautiful fortune also allows me to continue to love those who choose to hurt me. Absolutely and unconditionally.

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