Side By Side, Yet So Far Away

When people sit at a bar and every seat is filled with someone hunched over their little device it gives me great relief knowing that oblivion is where we love to be. As I write this, thumb-tapping like every other mindless minion on this commuter train, I’m not watching any of the scenery, the dark colors of Portland springtime, the river and blossoms, I see nothing but the little blinky thing in my hand. I don’t see the quiet man reading or the nubile spring breaker in big sunglasses, I don’t even care. Indifference in the name of productivity. Oblivion in the name of living.

One response to “Side By Side, Yet So Far Away

  1. Hey cooprider, its jenn kimbro…..long time!!…was talkin/thinkin about ya, so i googled your name for shits and gigs, and holy crap…. all kinds of shit w your name poped up….its awsome to see all your pics…truly is:) just wanted to say HI !! Hope all is welll!!!!!

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