Jape Rhymes With…

You awake when I fall to slumber
Yet I’ll rise to catch a glimpse of you.
My japes will lull you into laughter
though my darkness will invite you too.

I want to suck each sentence from your mouth and plunge it back down your throat.
Want to hear your words
again and aloud, wallow in the venom you spoke.

Swallow your everything since I’m starving and broke.
Follow your soul to bring you some charm and a joke.
There’s little I’ve done right
besides fight, run and choke
on a life I can’t trust but still somehow hope
that beauty is freedom and being alone
Is merely a sign that I’m beautiful and grown.
But when I’m walking beside or holding you in my home
your wicked body and mind gives me power that owns
every damn planet and every one of my bones.
Laughter’s what I’m after, it’s just a few tones from a moan.

Oct 5 2013

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