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As much as I love all the pretty girls and buildings and goings on that happen on the west side of the Willamette, the east side has always had my beautiful and grimy heart.

My dog is so soft that I wish I was an inch tall so I could make snow angels in her fur.

Bless you, Portland women and your awesome autumn boots.

At what point in a man’s life does he just decide that his creepiness is perfectly ok to blatantly exhibit? Seriously, stealing glances is one thing but grossly ogling a woman from a foot away is entirely Kareep-O. Plus it makes men look like coarse, single-minded animals…

Waiting for morning so I can ride down the mountain and outrace the past week and blast into a beautiful next week.

To the handful of you working during these holidays so others don’t have to, bless your giant hearts.

A Vietnamese tour guide asked me why I wouldn’t want to move to Vietnam to work and live. It’s warm, inexpensive, great beaches and cuisine. He said it seemed to him that Americans were doing little besides shooting each other. He asked me the same question again. I paused, but had no answer for him. I hate that.

Gawd, I can actually do the Truffle Shuffle. Traveling Cooprider-style constantly involves discussing over a meal where to eat next. Yes.

strangely, today I wore an old Alibi shirt that I never, ever normally wear.

If you can’t be ridiculous and silly then you’re missing out on what life is really about. I’m very serious.

Hospice. Besides teachers, the absolute most noble damn profession ever.

The madness in my heart feeds the beast in my feet.
The taste on my teeth is of a kiss I can’t repeat.
Every moment blown on a woulda coulda shoulda
Oughta be a moment thrown towards catching what we seek.

argh. i gotta stay outta the bakeries like some people gotta stay outta the bars.

It’s my best friend’s birthday today. He’s a heavenly bastard.

12 years ago my best friend leapt from the Vista St. Aqueduct onto Jefferson St. He’d be 39 today. Coincidentally, the paper ran an article today about the city’s idea of putting barriers on that same bridge to impede suicides. A fence, wall, lock or cage has never stopped anyone’s mad determination. The frantic, frightened society in which we live should buck up and realize that our hearts are fragile and soft and the ground is unforgiving and hard. And once a mind is made up, no million dollar fence has a chance at stopping fate.

Went to Vista Bridge for a moment of solace and found some cops talking someone down from whatever rash movement she was about to make. Reminds me that we’re always on a ledge considering commitments and being happy usually lasts about the same time it takes to eat a crêpe.

Oh beautiful Sunday! Imma chomp a chunk outta your juicy butt as if you were a crook and I was a junkyard dog.

Birthday!My day to gonna play day going crazy in the midst of my heyday dentist dope, let’s elope, kiss and grope never growing up ’cause my mind’s a melee forever showing up to grin and waylay some silly joke or sweet secret spoke.

Birthdang-overs are great. For the mere fact that every move I made last night involved getting blessed, embarrassed, cut or falling down, yet my blood still bleeds young and my bones amazingly still bounce. To those who weathered the night and witnessed such misadventures, my dark and playful heart will house you forever.

Thank you all for all the birfday wishes and special thanks go out to to those who showed up last night and saw me in my ridiculous birthday tshirt. Love you all so much that there’s an awesome taste in my mouth today to prove it.

Absolutely bombed the Skamania loop and despite SR14 being shaved a little here and there, the stretch of twists were still swooping and royal along riversides and heavy rail. Midnight motorbike, no love I’ve ever known. Street light mountain night, outrunning being alone.

He is independent. He has his own place. He is a responsible pet owner. He has semi-legal income. He reluctantly loves his lunatic friends. He is generous and compassionate. He is grounded in reality in a world ruled by selfish delusions. We could all learn a lot from Bubbles

Why I miss living in NW Portland:

It is approximately 540 steps from my previous apartment’s front door to the grocery store. In those 540 steps there was on average 10 to 12 (I conducted a small study) random women who also happened to be walking around, whose beauty transcended the last until the absurdity of the whole thing overcame my senses and I would just break down. Weeping with laughter. Going to the store to get a carton of milk was a sweet journey into the wonderful reason why boys do anything in this world. Girls.

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