Meeking The Earth

You really think the meek will inherit anything? Really? Is there any better serum to cure discontent than the brown stuff sloshing in a flask? Will hard work and determination truly yield some great reward?

It takes no more than a second to realize that the bus is leaving and you have to get on it or you’ll be stuck somewhere in a foreign country without a down highway to the big city.

It always starts as some random sentence or uttered verse. A mumble beneath a breath or a passing glance, how quickly we judge one another on what shoes we wear or how white our teeth can be.

Year of the Tiger. 1974 was a time of tight, wide pants and shrinking cars, hippies were healthy and living natural was something more than filling the air around you with wretched body odor. It was a maligned departure of a president and a backward momentum of a horrible war.

Keep thinking the dog is right around the corner as it then occurs to me that I’m alone in my apartment and no one else is here, or coming home, or walking around the corner. Lifestyle changes are both the best and the most difficult, changing a Lifestyles is even tougher due to the spermicidal lube and the whatnot of the thingajiggy. Being lonely is similar to being alone, but with much more time to think about events, people, choices one’s made all good and bad. Vastly more space for the swallowing and digesting of the pills of our ills, without delay or distraction. No one nearby to offer suggestions or delusions.

Holy god, the number of days my town sees the sun compared to the number it doesn’t has to be 2 to 1 in favor of overcast skies. I can see why there are so many bridges for such a small population. More places to jump off of. The condition of winter blues or seasonal attention deficit depression or whatever the moniker ain’t no joke, there are days where it’s so dark, cold and grey that the only imaginable activity is hunkering down inside and watching movies, refusing to open doors or answer phones. Leave me be in my cozy, faraway cave.

Three hours of riding and averaging 90 miles an hour does a number on the back and wrist, not to mention the brain and poor body

10 Things To Do When In A City That’s Not Your Own

10. Pick a fight

9. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant

8. Call 911 and order a pizza

7. Go to a museum and demand to know which exhibit is where “all the hot chicks are at”

6. Rearrange your hotel room. With completely different furniture.

5. Make out with a stranger

4. Panhandle for a couple hours and then show some punk street kid that being unemployed doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else out there who can’t do a better job than them

3. Adopt a pet. Or a child

2. Build something.

1. Ask a cop where a drifter can find a cheap place for the night. Near a strip club.

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