Red Eyes and Jedis

Oh my vices! Devilish devices! Senseless in a crisis! Feed my voracity with dirty audacity and drown my throat like Dionysus.

Bore me out with all the desire my soul can hold. Until it overflows my ears, eyes and nose and I’m nothing but a vessel possessed with the fiend of a ghost, striving to satiate a hunger I stoke.

Once my seams near bursting I recant all the cursing that’s led to this night’s nursing of my wily character and the weakness of its workings.

A gentle revelation opens up my flesh and fury turning this here hunger into clear and nascent theories, making certain my hedonistic head relishes in discovery.

Introspection doesn’t come easy for some. Takes balance. “Mourn them do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. Search your feelings. Anger, fear, aggression, the dark side are they.”

My grin truly is from ear to shining ear.

I could totally hug someone right now.


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