How’s The Bootleg, Scorsese?

I paid money for this show. I worked last night so I could come see this band play live, not on TV, video or anywhere else. Live. So would it kill you people to put your damn phones down and not fill my field of vision of you recording part of the act that you can barely see, anyway? Unless you have a high definition professional video camera, no one is going to want to watch your fuzzy, garbled little snippet of a show that would have been so much better if half the crowd didn’t feel the need to have youtube parties afterward comparing different shaky angles.

Sometimes we forget the here and now as we try to preserve moments for posterity, and we just annoy the people who love live performance more than they like watching a hundred drones pretending their cell phones are video cameras.


3 responses to “How’s The Bootleg, Scorsese?

  1. Everybody thinks they are a journalist now, or that they will get the next “must see” JackAss/Destroyed in Seconds/1000 ways to die vidclip. Saw a lady on a Honda cruiser have what turned out to be a minor accident with a pickup here in Calgary. As I was trying to get my BMW to the curb and on the centerstand, I noticed WAY more people trying to get video with their effing phones than were heading to help. She was OK (unusually for a cruiser rider, she was an ATGATT kinda girl, so not even any road rash….) But it coulda been ugly. I would have felt like Waldo Pepper chasing hicks away from Ezra Stiles’ body in his Jenny…

  2. that’s pretty interesting testimony to where people’s priorities lie, rather get some footage than to be involved. Or help, for that matter. What’s ATGATT? Best comment in a year, Jim. Thanks.

  3. All The Gear All The Time. Refers to riders who pull the same stuff on to go to the store for a loaf of bread as they do to ride 150 miles. I have fallen off enough in my almost 40 years of riding to be a convert. Just like taking an umbrella reduces rain chances, gloves and a helmet reduce the chances of falling off. I can PROVE it, but my experiences say it is so.

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