Men And The Friends They’re Glad They Have

Keep thinking the dog is right around the corner as it then occurs to me that I’m alone in my apartment and no one else is here, or was waiting for me, or coming home, or walking around the corner. Lifestyle changes are wonderful but can also be tremendously difficult, changing a Lifestyles is even tougher due to the spermicide and the whatnot of the thingajiggy. Being lonely is similar to being alone, but with much more time to think about events, people, choices one’s made all good and bad. Vastly more space for the swallowing and digesting of the pills for our ills, without delay or distraction. No one nearby to offer suggestions or delusions. When a young buck becomes an old dog overnight the days now come even faster so each moment better be savored for every sweet morsel they are.

Waitaminute. We’re still talking about the dog…


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