Dead Mothers Club

There should be an organized society for people with dead mothers. A somewhat alienated collective who embrace the fact that there are others like them, where once a year the solidarity of those who have lost their mothers becomes a sanctuary both solemn and celebratory.

Up in arms with friends who have shared the same loss cements a sense of belonging while the rest of the Hallmark world is at brunch with mom. Being without a mother should be recognized as an honor, wistful but triumphant. A moment of quiet understanding should be spent remembering dead mothers after which it should become reverence for the indefatigable strength that is commonly born from suffering.

Losing a mom is a badge of cruel independence that, when properly worn, should yield limitless possibilities and exude the humble beauty that resembles every mother that wishes she was here for her child.


2 responses to “Dead Mothers Club

  1. What a lovely sentiment, statement, and title. The title is edgy, the paragraphs that follow ‘wistful but triumphant,’ and the ending remembers every mother’s wish. Beautiful and serenely enduring.

  2. The ironic thing is, this club has been formed all along we just never acknowledged our involvement or, each other. Silence helps yield the pain that comes with wearing this badge while keeping us at bay. Hey you, that’s beautiful, thankyou.

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