Jiggers, April Freshness, Dead Legends

I am happy to report that both a jigger of gin and a jigger of whiskey contain little more than 100 calories each and zero fat, carbohydrates or any other venomous verboten items that dieters dread. Beer, on the other hand, a bit of a different story.

There are fewer smells in this world better than the ones that come out of dryer vents from laundry rooms. When the cottony aroma of fresh fabric softeners and soaps emanate into the street in warm jets of steam, it brings me back to a life I never had. The idyllic television commercial where kids run underneath and through bright, flowing laundry hanging on lines in blue-sky backyards, interesting how smells can even trigger beautiful memories you never lived.

With the advent of hands-free gadgetry for cellular phones, it is now perfectly acceptable to mutter strange and incoherent ramblings to yourself while in public.

When asked how he managed such a long and healthy lifestyle, Jack laLanne mentions “Clean thoughts and dirty girls.” What a cool guy. He hadn’t been a 98 pound weakling for 80 years. Rest well, sir. You too, Nate Dogg.


4 responses to “Jiggers, April Freshness, Dead Legends

  1. Funny…I do have those memories. The smell came from the wash back then, liquid fabric softener pre-dated those disposable dryer sheets. Moms got too busy to time the rinse cycle and get the liquid into the machine. Ahh the days of cloth diapers. Talk about timing! I too lived on a third floor and had to run down to the laundry room to get the softener in (I still remember it was 20 minutes), then go back to get them into the dryer. The best part was folding the soft cotton diapers into just the right size building a tall bright white stack.

  2. Yo. I’ve spent the last few minutes (or hour) at work perusing your blog posts and photos and feel not one bit bad about it. Great stuff, Reid. I look forward to another water race. Talk soon. D

  3. you’re a good man, mr. ruggs. it’s nice to know that someone reads a bit of this stuff! sooner better than later, and the water’s on me, my friend.

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