Felix Domesticus

Miss my damn cat. This cat was was raised by two full grown dogs and had the cool mindset of a cat but the personality and need for humans like a dog. She had a stub tail so her name was Minus, she was a runt and found in an alley as a kitten but wound up having a great life for a random animal. She let you scratch her belly and she’d almost fetch. She’d bark with a meow and hold her own with the big neighborhood felines, she’d wallow in your lap and remind you that even if you hated cats, she was cooler than any other you’d ever known.

9 responses to “Felix Domesticus

  1. I am such a sucker for cats!!! I have two of my own and they are the coolest, silliest and most loveable felines I’ve had.

    What a great picture! Thanks for sharing that… Minus was a beautiful kitty cat… she’s pretty!

  2. The humane society always has cats that need good homes. Don’t go check em out unless your are ready though. All those cute animals facing doom makes it hard to leave without one. I don’t know how people work there and not become people with a house full of cats and dogs.

    The best cure for a pet lost is a pet gained. Kittens and puppies are best I think. They are so intrusive that you don’t have time to think about what you have lost. Only “How am I going to keep up with this ANIMAL!” The feeding, the cleaning, the playing, the tumbling around and realizing that your brand new boots have been chewed clean through by your new pet.

  3. We also tend to forget how fortunate we are to have other humans continue to love us despite those very same things.

  4. I’ve never been able to understand people who hate cats. We have 5 in the house–yes 5. I know thats too many. All rescue cats. And they are all so unique in their habits and all act out differently. Such fun. They enrich your life.

  5. Reid… i am a Sagittarius… we are renown for often preferring the company of animals to humans for that very reason. It’s pure love. And its simple.

    I like that. And have yet to be proven otherwise.
    Perhaps one day I will be… but til then, my babies (Chandler 13 and Pebbles 3) are my heart.

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