Meep Meep!

Is that the sound the Roadrunner makes?

A stretch of Interstate 84, also known as the Banfield, is a bland little 3 lane highway that weasels through my town except when it’s at a horrible standstill twice a day, strangled with commuters. At 2 in the morning, however, there aren’t many people out but those who are prove to be all kinds of fun types tooling around.

I’m zipping along on the motorbike, resting my chest on the tank because it’s vast and comfortable, when I spot a crotch rocket dude (aka squid) riding double with a girl on the back. They’re up in the next lane ahead so I goose it and proceed to pass right by him as his girlie looks over and I’m impressed he convinced anyone to ride on the back of one those things in the dead of winter.

This is at about 90, and on my particular Triumph when the speedometer reads 95 to 100, my head starts to bobble in the wind, the bike has no screen or plastic to tuck behind so it’s a pretty nasty headwind to deal with at that speed.

This crazy bastard then screams by me as if I were parked and I immediately start to laugh because I just can’t go any faster and this lunatic is pushing 145 easy, with a passenger.

People who ride motorcycles have a certain kind of brain damage. Not all of them, but a sure ton of them so please be on the lookout for an idiot on a bike in the middle of the night.


3 responses to “Meep Meep!

  1. That sure brings back memories. Pre motorbike though. I can’t take sides because I’ve been on both. Just realize that from a different perspective both sides could be considered the “Idiot” on the bike. I just hope those two that passed you were wearing more than a T-Shirt and flip flops. It’s cold at night when you are doing 120 plus!

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