Fences are great when you have a yappy little turd dog on the opposite side, but other than that it’s something that usually prevents a conversation. And it’s something that you have to keep painting.


3 responses to “Reflection

  1. Don’t be too quick to sweat the fence, Reid. It’s bountiful opportunity for introspection. We put up a new one last summer (Not ourselves – I’ve done that once, and that’ll hold me over for a while), and the couple of weekends I spent staining it were some quiet and pleasant ones. Just went out the other day to do a little repair work because the excess of rain swelled the gates up enough that they don’t close too easy. A couple of hours with a hand saw and a block plane felt mighty nice. Plus, it’s tough to beat the smell of fresh cut wood.

  2. And I should mention, all haughty and piqued, that my neighbors and I have conversations all the time. Often about painting the damned fence.

  3. Aye, the painting = solace I completely understand, just painted my friend’s mom’s living room and I was totally at peace while doing it. What is it about fresh earth and wood, serious beauty. Post hole diggers are some wretched things, though.

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