Here’s Ron With The Weather

I’d like to beat Ron with a weather vane.

The average temperature in my town during the last fortnight has been about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry and bone cold, blue skies and biting sunshine, unseasonably frigid. I ride a motorcycle as if it were cool to do when it’s so cold that snot solidifies on upper lips and tears streak ice across cheeks. Learned my winter lesson about the importance of having tires warm with friction for traction instead of just carelessly zooming off on cold, hard tires that don’t grip squat. I must have rocks in my head because it ain’t cool to not have a car. It’s downright dangerously cold. This is weather that really makes you thank god that you’re not homeless in a downtown doorway, where even just four walls means living or possibly dying. Last year I spent 11 months where it rarely fell below 80 degrees and I’ve come to realize that my core temperature still reflects the sea off the southern coast of Vietnam.


3 responses to “Here’s Ron With The Weather

  1. I feel your pain brother.

    It’s a season like this that makes me think I’m more Apache than anything else. It just feels like I am not built for this weather. I long for the Arizona dezert this time of year.

  2. I tend to think that weather has a direct relationship to stress levels. I have friends from Minnesota and can’t understand why there aren’t more car-burnings and neighbor assaults out there. Maybe it’s just too cold to leave the house.

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