Tiger Woods vs. Noreweigan Wood

There seems to be question about whether or not the public can “trust” Tiger Woods. (Trust him with what? My car? Nope. My wife? Definitely nope. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know personally. Do you?) ESPN had a half hour vomit-inducing round table discussion about his waning popularity based on everything but how he hits a golf ball. Until golf becomes full contact I think it’s painfully boring to watch and follow so I don’t much care. But I do care enough to write that cheating on your wife is nothing compared to bilking hard-working Americans out of their pensions and 401k’s. Nothing compared to abusing kids or using a great rock song to schlep some crappy product.  The list of things worse than adultery is a mile long yet the story about Tiger Woods is how his cheating on his wife is a betrayal to his fans, a taint on the sport of golf and the now crumbling integrity of the marketing industrial complex that is the golfer himself. I can barely believe it’s a story. And I’m actually writing about it. This is what happens when you stop watching the news or reading about current events and politics. I only hear about the biggest, most inane train wrecks.

Something about those Asian Americans, though. Interesting enigmas, they are.


2 responses to “Tiger Woods vs. Noreweigan Wood

  1. Celebrity golfer. That is lunacy by itself. It’s almost as bad as calling a baseball player an athlete.

    The fact that these adulterous chew spitting people make tons of monay doing what they would normally do fo free on their spare time (Or pay like the rest of us) is sad. Get caught cheating one way or the other and they still get paid for having fun. Why wouldn’t they cheat at something?

    The fact that the populace does consider these people as role models is a statement to mankinds failures to teach good values.

  2. I am actually so sick of this story. I mean now its all over the tabloids – he is taking an indefinite leave from golf to work on his marriage. The world has come to a crumbling stop. A GOLF-pro? Indefinite leave? Infidelity? OMG what has the world come to????

    Seriously – why is anyone and everyone surprised and why is anyone and everyone taking it so personally, as though Tiger owes any of us, an explanation?

    This subject is boring (sorry… just really tired of reading and hearing about it) – why is it more important than what you mentioned above is beyond me.

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