Meet New Friends, Make Lots of Money

bar rot

One of the many friends I made while tending bar was one that guaranteed me to not make any more for quite awhile. Just make sure the bartending academy teaches you how to convince people that your strange, molting lizard fingers are perfectly safe to run through girls’ hair.


2 responses to “Meet New Friends, Make Lots of Money

  1. Yep, them working hands.
    Not bad though.
    When they get bad they will crack along the creases of your skin and bleed. When they get real bad, you will develop new creases that will crack and also bleed. The ones that run the length of the finger pad were the worst for me. More nerve endings per square inch than almost any other part of the body as it turns out.

    Try running one of those paws through a girls hair. Hopefully well bandaged first.

  2. I always wondered about new jobs and the scrapes and dings that went along with it. I had a factory job once that virtually ruined many parts of my body. Makes a few cracked cuticles look like a walk in the park.

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