Patriotic Sentiment

Gay mayor. Black president. The guy who heads up the neighborhood committee is both gay and black. I was out and about yesterday and saw people who were African, Asian, English, Latin and putting the hyphen and “American” with those folks would just be too much typing. What was remarkable was that they were all residents, not tourists or backpackers or jetsetters or the like. They all live here. All these cultures and peoples and colors and languages all shopping in the same stores to driving the same cars, it makes me feel pretty good to live in a place that has so much history from all over the world making their own stories here.

The feeling of being in a foreign land while living here in the United States is a frightening and unsettling thing for some Americans. Hanging out at Nicholas’ saves airfare to the Mediteranean. Buying coffee and a pain au raisin at Saint Honore is way cheaper than a weekend getaway to Paris. If I want to feel like I’m back home in Vietnam I’ll stroll through Fubonn and just smell the memories.

We got it so good, here. America rules.


3 responses to “Patriotic Sentiment

  1. Agreed. Portland in particular has it goin’ very nicely in terms of the availability of fine foods from Elsewhere. I’ve often said it to bloggers in other parts of America: Everybody is always moving west, and they all bring their food with them.

    This is what gives the lie to all those nice people who make entire careers out of calling Portland on its whiteness: depends on where you look. The lady and I live in a part of Portland so far north that to go any further, you’d be in the river. Ostensibly white as typing paper, but in reality, it may be the most ‘diverse’ area in da P.O.

  2. For sure. There is such a variety of food and culture in pdx and the rest of the country, it’s nice to hear the good things about our country instead of just mentioning the bad things.

  3. I’m with you, rich, Portland for its size has a great number of diverse eateries, a luxury afforded by more than just fine white people. Nor Por is where all the cool kids live.

    It is nice to hear about the good as opposed to the bad, it’s simple to find fault in things but to mention quality and virtues without sounding like a salesperson or preacher is another thing entirely.

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