No Government Cheese For Me

After applying at a ton of hotels and nearly on the brink of total discouragement, one of them actually called me back and offered me a job. Coincidentally it was the very one that I was most excited about. Goes to show you, if you want something enough, think about something enough and try for something enough, you will get it. Every time.

Providing that a certain background check doesn’t yield any anti-hipster conspiracies or sheep-related incidents, I oughta soon be working at one of the most historied and swankiest hotel bars in all of Portland.

Hot nuts!


4 responses to “No Government Cheese For Me

  1. Congrats, brother! I promise not to tell them about our days together in the Weather Underground, or the Velvet Underground, or the generally ungrounded. That should seal the deal for you.

    Feel free to share the name of the place. As I mentioned, I get to Portland a time or three a year, I’d be glad to stop in for a few.

  2. That’s a huge accomplishment in this economy. Congratulations. Mr. Bachelor and I have been known to enjoy ourselves some swanky hotel bar drinks, so I’m sure we’ll be tipping you handsomely one of these days.

  3. You’re all now on my Christmas list and one complimentary preliminary beverage when you come visit me at the place I can’t mention until I technically get the gig. Superstitions, you know. Ya’ll rule.

  4. Sounds like a celebration is in order. Or should I wait until you’re properly paid first? Definitely will come see you in your new spot!

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