A Year And 6 Days

After a year-long trip I’ve returned and been home for a total of 17 days.

It only took me 6 days until I delivered a public tirade to a poor woman on the phone who works for AT&T. 6 days. It takes 3 of their employees to lose me $150, 2 hours of me going from shop to kiosk back to shop again and less than 5 minutes for my outrage to burn the place down. If I remember correctly, there was even motioning for the security guard. A teenage clerk with a little corporate smirk gave me a phone to call the national office about an issue that apparently, no one on the West Coast could help me with. Boy, I let good ol’ American Telephone and Telegraph have it. I screamed and stomped my feet, sarcastically remarked that Verizon and T-Mobile were far superior companies, bellowed how AT&T mysteriously hires retards and kids who are inept at everything except costing me extra money and all the while my head was buzzing with that angry adrenaline that hides all year long waiting for this exact moment.

Sadly, all my energy and good spirit was given to a giant multinational corporation in a matter of seconds. Once the heated exchange subsided, I left there cursing under my breath, onlookers either grimacing or grinning, realizing that I just totally lost my inner zen ninja. To be calm in the face of conflict is the greatest weapon of all. The only way to survive happy is to accept certain things as nature and move on. When you let the wrath of your frustration take control you surrender all that is great inside you and making people feel untoward doesn’t help anyone. That sweet feeling of unleashing a day’s worth of red-tape frustration upon some witless phone operator or snide store clerk only feels good for a few seconds. Then you spend the rest of the day thinking about it and how you’re still in no better position than when you melted down.

A year in the tropics does wonders for the spirit but a week dealing with a pack of incompetent corporate rodents is enough to make you wonder what brought you back.

Besides donuts and good music.


3 responses to “A Year And 6 Days

  1. Yes, I failed to welcome you back. Welcome!

    Now: I’ve recently had the same experience with AT&T. This idea they strangely have about wanting to look young and relevant (or something) equalling the hiring of teenage slackjaws is so damn dumb. I’d recommend a boycott, but I’m pretty sure every carrier does it. Hehhh…

    In any case, welcome back.

  2. Thank you sir. Getting back to the “real life” has been more challenging than I anticipated but I’m almost warm, so that’s a start.

    It should be called FAT&T.

  3. No kidding, At&t sucks! That’s a pretty funny post, I can remember when I’ve gone off on people then felt bad about it. hey, at least I felt bad!

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