Home On The Range

Cold winter.

Big butts.

Two things I notice the most about the character of Portland is the frigid cleanliness of the air and the expansive mass of many of the butts. Holee. The cushion of insulation on the northwest gluteus maximus is indeed pushing the limits of “maximus”. It’s good to be home.

The fortune and luxury that affords us the greatest things in the world is not to be taken lightly or for granted, these butts of slathered butter and quarter-pounders make me sniff the air and the give my thanks that we have it all here in the states. Plus, there’s some skinny minnies out here too. I’ve seen pictures.

Adjusting to time, weather, food, entertainment and all-around rotundness, my year-long journey to Asia will become more significant as the days pass.


2 responses to “Home On The Range

  1. Welcome home! Funny and painfully Northwestern to talk about cold winters in March, but true enough. And it is snowing like mad here in Seattle today. We’ll see Springtime in May, Summer in June. Except that in spite of the weather, flowers are blooming and trees are budding. This neck of the woods is strange.

  2. Thanks, Andy, it’s good to be home. One thing funny about these woods is the crazy plants and wildlife that seem to disregard the winter altogether. Having different seasons are nice though. Can’t wait for the 6 weeks of warmth this summer.

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