Stuff Is Just Stuff

Stuff is just that. As age becomes a growing number so does the realization that the only real important things in life are the relationships you have with others and the knowledge you gain from looking for more out of life.

To grow as a person with a proficiency in anything ranging from the trivial to the monumental is something we can probably take with us when we kick the dirt and it’s having such wisdom that makes us more than just consuming robots that only live for the following weekend or next television show.

Having the most money, cars, women, cabana boys, diamonds, houses, bank accounts or entourages is great, but quite meaningless if you’re not developed as a quality human being. Just because a camera crew shows up to televise your fancy crap doth not a true (wo)man make.

Learning to let go of stuff can sometimes be a painful process. Try having a yard sale or donating things to charity, try giving things away that you’ve paid money for or just ridding yourself of clutter so you can see the shelves and walls. It ain’t easy.

The empty space in a home becomes a thing you specifically put there, it’s not always just a void in which to fill with objects and furniture. Empty space should be sold in catalogs so we’re not wallowing in the depths of our constant shopping.

Hoarders fascinate me endlessly because they force me to distinguish whether to keep certain things or just let them go back into the universe of retail and resale. They also give me the ability to be less attached to objects because the less importance you put in “things” the better chance you have at enjoying the other things in life that hold far more value than any possession ever could.

Except for obscene boats and medieval castles. With “boats” and “homes” being euphemisms for “wisdom” and “relationships”, of course.


2 responses to “Stuff Is Just Stuff

  1. I’m going to have to come back and read more, I find your thoughts fascinating and refreshingly real. I went back a little, and wanted more!
    Alas! i have a life! But I wanted to comment on this this post here… I couldn’t agree with you more about stuff. and what’s worse is we as a country are actually breeding MORE of the hourder’s!!! despite going through my house once a year and donating things that aren’t used, ok, maybe every two years, my children haven’t learned. We don’t even have to buy it for them… grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends FEEL bad we do lavish them with every different colored batman… I could tell myself it’s not a big deal, but I’m with you, it makes me INSANE! Thanks for the post!!! cindy

  2. It isn’t always easy living in such a material oriented society, I can only imagine the fun collections of stuff that comes with having kids. With gifts coming from all directions we have to try to stop the vicious circle of rat packing. Maybe one day we can have organized interventions for friends who don’t see the direction their lives have taken. We can only do what we can and it sounds like you’re keeping up. Trying, at least. And thank you much for the nice words as well.

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