Mixed Up & Settling Down

I used to be scared to be a half breed. I grew up in places where I wasn’t sure how to develop my personality so I downplayed my heritage. Through all my schools and jobs, it was rare that I advertised that I was half white American and half wiry Vietnamese.

I’ve spent nearly a year in my mother’s country and hometown and now have an awesome respect for where I came from. Though it was an absolutely foreign land I always felt strangely calm and at home. I’m also really glad that one of my home countries has a ridiculous amount of good food. And the other has pretty much everything else.

Coming to Vietnam has profoundly changed how I think as an American and how I live as a man.


2 responses to “Mixed Up & Settling Down

  1. This one makes me think.
    Maybe someday I will vist my mothers country of origon and try harder to learn the language. Maybe someday I’ll meet a real live Apache and see some of my fathers heritage in them. One nice thing about not knowing exactly what your ancestry is, is that you can pick which one you like best at any given time. Today I feel like Apache. It’s too wet and cold here for me right now. I wish I could ride my motorcycle to some place warm and dry.
    I’m glad you got to see your mothers country.

  2. It’s been a really profound trip. I’ll also miss the warmth and how no one wears socks because it’s just too hot. About the ancestry, it’s a good feeling to know you’ve come from somewhere but in reality it doesn’t matter as much as knowing where you are or or where you are going, friends come and go and many times they are closer than family. Even when there is no blood between them. Thanks for checking the blorg, dude.

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