Hotels, Hostels, Guest House, Hovels

These may be things for a Westerner to consider when searching for a khach san.

Once you drop the roll of toilet paper, you’re done for. Soggy time in Chinese-style bathrooms where the shower fixture hang over the bare floor so basically the entire bathroom is a stand-up shower.

The appreciation for certain amenities continues. Incandescent bulbs, their soft subdued light as opposed to the berating fluorescent tubes that make the walls vibrate as they suck the potassium out of your body.

A soft bed that’s not a piece of limp foam with a sinking divot down the middle, a semi-decent mattress rather than a blown-out carcass that ruins your back by morning.

Cable or satellite. If you want any sort of TV in English so you can watch the same awful television from home.

Windows. Something big enough to light the room. Something that closes properly to deter the insects. Big, aggressive bugs mean enough to mug you.

Hot water and water pressure, there are few things more insanely uncomfortable than a cold, trickle drip shower.

Building floors that are separated and then locked during the night that conjure thoughts of fires that chase you around as you run around trapped on one floor.

Bugs, odors, traffic din (horrible honking), karaoke next door, all things to consider when all you really need is four walls and a bed.

The country is so beautiful, the people so happy and friendly, the air and beauty of their culture is refreshing and simple. I think I bring complications from home, and I don’t know why when all I really need is four walls and a bed.


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