Tropical Depression

Economic downturn. As it affects everyone all over the world, the top rich percentile are still reading the paper on solid gold toilets.

I will soon be returning to the US to an undeniable depression, an unspeakable economic catastrophe but I’ll be returning with high morale.

I soon may be able to go to Cuba and have a real mojito, I may be able to walk hand in hand with my fellow Americans and rejoice in the fact that despite being horribly unemployed and unfortunate we’re all the same Americans who just want what’s best our kids.

And I’ll be home again. Land of 24-hour snickers bars and quesedillas, tattoos, piercings, handguns and humvees, angry patriots and disenfranchised subversives. Or vice versa. The place with the biggest soapboxes and loudest mouths and whether or not they make any political difference, it sure is nice to have.

Regardless, I’m still feeling a sense of loss and sorrow to be leaving Vietnam after being here so many months.

I think a pint of Haagen Dazs and a submarine sandwich will ease my pain once I arrive home.


3 responses to “Tropical Depression

  1. I am exited real when read the lines of your mine and the feeling when your running from Vietnam after several months here. whenever you want to visit my country again. We always welcome you – Vietnam Freedom Tour see you agains!

  2. Yeah, we truly are blessed, we almost got it too good.

    ngabt: thank you, I will most definitely return (I’m already devising a plan!)

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