Buildings Are Purty


I know nothing technical about architecture, I often mistake a sconce for an eave and a dormer for a gable and I don’t know the difference between a craftsman and a bungalow. To me a palladium window sounds likefrench something in dungeons and dragons and Art Deco, Art Noveau, and Arts & Crafts sounds like art to me, not buildings. Cape Cod and Cape Dutch are cocktails where I come from and how’s a Mock Tudor not a Tudor? Is one worth more than the other? Isn’t a Tudor a king of some sort?

What I do know about architecture is that sometimes it’s beautiful and sometimes it’s terrible but it’s always fun to point to and look at. dalat-house1


3 responses to “Buildings Are Purty

  1. In the central highland town of Dalat there are a ton of these kinds of houses along with some pretty outrageous architecture. Houses like the one pictured are scattered throughout other Vietnamese cities, this just happened to be a brand new big one.

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