Love and Marriage

Someone told me that if I was writing a blog, then I should write about things that I know about. Sometimes that can’t be further than the truth. I think some of the best writing can be done about things you have no clue about.

This post is the first in a series that reflect my growing age and ignorance about the things around me. Namely women.

Women have often plagued men as mysteries of the wild so instead of Mutual of Omaha’s show about animals, Marlon Perkins should stand tall and explain the needs, wants and secrets of the human woman.

It should be a camera crew and some enthusiastic moron in a safari hat running through the streets, hiding behind trees, and secretly following women to their errands and jobs. From up on tree limbs or behind dumpsters they’ll film various women while whispering keen observations (however obvious) about their habits and tendencies.

And as they struggle to “Unlock the Riddle of Women”, they will inevitably fail to report on the most important elements of their study, the most telling of all discoveries: listening and expressing how you feel will ultimately keep both parties on level ground. Why then, is that so ridiculously difficult?

It’s probably just me.

Next episode we examine why divorces outnumber anniversaries, how pre-nups say “I love my money more than I love you,” and how relationships are only as good as the conversations that are in them.


3 responses to “Love and Marriage

  1. You are so right, Reid. I don’t know why guys are so funny like that. I really like your last line, it’s so true.

  2. Hear Hear! Good post! I’m so sick of women saying we never talk about our feelings, don’t they know it’s because I’m a guy who still knows NOTHING about how to figure out women?

  3. Ah, the great communication debate between men and women. I’m really happy we got to the bottom of it here. Also thanks for reading and the compliment, Kristen.

    Darren: yes, admittedly I’ve been guilty of not talking enough about what I feel, and everytime I think I know something, I realize I don’t. Again, thanks for two great cents.

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