Life’s A Beach

Visiting the ocean is like refueling on passion and relaxation. When arriving from a city it’s easy to forget how sweet the sea is when you’ve been crushed into a metropolis where traffic and buildings are the only things resembling breakers and beaches.

Toe dipped in warm saltwater, the sand and palms truly take years off your life. All those crappy, stressful feelings of not being in control or not doing what you want to do, all those feelings just kind wisp up into the breeze of the coast. Umbrella drinks are kinda cool, too.

Upon leaving, I made three good friends while my bus was late. Going from the beach back to Saigon I waited under a cool tarped roof at a table made from a giant tree stump.

My new friends spoke decent English and we traded words and jokes. The next time I go through Mui Ne I’ll have to stop at the Hanh Cafe just to find them again to hear them mock the tourists while lounging in the shade.

All they do is book tours at an open air cafe, sit around smoking cigarettes drinking tea and beer and cracking wise. God bless ’em.

I didn’t take any pictures of them when I should have so now I’ll just have to remember them the way I like.


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