Silly Poemerino

Last night I had a wild hair and as I leapt from my chair I spilled my Aussie vino

Been here a year and the end is soon near so I might be back home wearing khakis and chinos

Economy is stanking while jobs have been tanking but I’m feeling like Vinnie Barbarino

So I took a jalopy out for some coffee then rode some scotch whiskey to the bank and casino

Drank till I spun and spent the dizzy dawn on san pellegrino watching every roulette spin lose like Dan Marino

I’m returning to the states and planning to create a fortune amassed from racing El Caminos or waiting tables at a Denny’s in Redding, Barstow or Reno

Hoping the downturn turns up so I can buy ketchup and fritos but instead I’ll be in line for federal funderinos.


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