Grow It, Shave It, Sell It, Save It

Hair. We all have it. It’s an integral component to human survival, a living protector and veritable shield against the dusts, dirts, and debris from a filthy and dangerous world.

When grown long it is a status symbol, a cloak against prying eyes and a magnificent mane that either signifies beauty or rock starriness.

Kept short it has a casual, stylish, carefree disposition, its clean look when kempt is both timeless and striking.

Some say it’s a sign of virility and virtue, men will be paid more and women will be pursued more if they have a raging, lush head of hair.

But hair growing in places other than on the head is something of a different matter entirely. An animal all its own, body hair is many times considered an unsightly hindrance and is usually equated with savage animals or seldom seen legends of the forest.

It’s interesting how it’s considered unattractive if a woman has hair in her armpits or if a man has a patch of thick fur on his back. What about the hair on toes? Or coming out the ears and noses? In Asia there is a great custom where men will cultivate the hair that grows out of a mole.

Back home there is also a curious thing called a landing strip that is simultaneously beautiful and weird. Why not a happy face or a punctuation mark? How about a set of operating instructions or a warning label?

Where I come from hair belongs only on the head and the rest of the body being bald like a newborn hairless E.T. or a pig fetus is all the rage. Apparently we like our men and women to look like little girls. (Digression Ahead) That’s how child beauty pageant contestants save money on hair removers and where negative body image becomes an evil reaper for those girls once they realize that runner-up in the Gerber Baby Beauty Contest or the Hannah Montana Tween Queen is the first loser (EO’s ensue!).

Regardless of what’s written, hair should be grown and sown into our psyche, it should be shaved, shaped and styled into whatever wonderful creature is desired. And if you’re an urban yeti don’t despair, there’s someone out there that unconditionally adores the hair on the top of your feet.


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