Good Service Is Scarce

A swift and precise doctor or an attentive and patient friend. A partner in crime or a secret lover, a priest and mad scientist, wizard of servitude and agreeable pal all rolled into one. To tend a bar is to assume many an identity.

Let’s get one thing straight: I love Vietnam. From top to bottom I love almost everything about it.

I went to China and visited Hong Kong a couple years ago and it’s a European-influenced metropolis and also has service that is nearly second to none. By service I mean customer service and by customer service I mean the treatment found in restaurants and bars. By Western standards HK had exceptional service just about everywhere.

VN on the other hand…

Saigon and Hanoi are Vietnamese cities that have plenty of upscale hotels and restaurants that have impeccable service but many establishments in these cities that command high prices and have top-notch ambiance are in desperate need of decent service for it’s clientele.

I believe it’s just cultural ignorance unlike when I’m in the US where there is little excuse for their pandemic of poor restaurant service.

I will be starting a consulting firm that will cater to the staff of up and coming bars and restaurants in Vietnam and we’ll have this nipped in the bud.

Last thing Southeast Asia needs is a bunch of overeducated, smarmy, snot-nosed, pretentiously bitter and angry servers and bartenders who only pay attention to their equally obnoxious, self-righteous friends or the closest gorge of cleavage.

There are far too many who don’t respect or bother to understand the noble profession of serving an adult beverage.

I have quite the task ahead of me, to change the mindset of lazy beer pourers and snarky cocktail shakers. Luckily I’ve got the support of whoever is reading this. I thank you in advance.


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