Insomniacs Anonymous

Insomnia is like a friend, a wicked one who keeps the dim lights on, the music quietly playing and allows the night to be your home and dark sanctuary.

No living is as rich as for those who live during the night. Catacombs of sheets and pillows from the toss and turn that’s carved into tussled beds, sofas like life-rafts on wall to wall carpet of lava, reading half-open-eyed books and struggling to beat the sun coming up while limbs still fidget like a restless child.

Some of the most intense introspection involves burning oil at those valuable and terrible hours.

The black sky brings mystery and musings, observations flow more freely when there’s no daytime distractions.

Many times the dawn marks the end of the awakened day and comfortable dreams don’t appear until the beautiful morning is born.


One day at a time.


2 responses to “Insomniacs Anonymous

  1. Insomnia affords me ‘me time’, since no one else is around. Without it, I fear there would be no such thing.

    I suppose I could reverse it and have ‘me time’ in the wee hours of the morning (which on occasion I have, either still being awake or up early to catch a plane). The hours between 5 – 7am might as well be another dimension. Different people are out & about, and different things happen. Jogging, pastry deliveries, and cheerful “hello!”s & “good morning!”s. I’d much rather be around to see someone say “Good evening!”. That is more my speed.

  2. Night time is a good time to do whatever you want, maybe that’s why I like it so much, it gives you thatkind of freedom because many times most people aren’t around to dissuade you and there are less distractions as well.

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