To Be Patriot or Expatriate?

40 days and 40 nights. I have 40 more Vietnamese days to walk languid, drink hearty, sit in the shade, and maybe take a snapshot.

Acclimating to the streets of the United States will be sadly, quick and easy.

No more fresh fruit shakes for under a dollar.

No more 35 cent beer or great streetside coffee, no more bowls of noodles or rice and chicken, fish and seafood, heaps of veggies and some of the most exotic and delicious desserts I’ve ever tasted.

Got a month left and I already miss Vietnam. Woe is Reid.

That’s ok, I’ll have great music and movies, 24-hour whatever I want, good, decent, better customer service, crosswalks, nice clean air, apple fritters, a microbrew and rare bourbon, and most of all, I’ll have the memories and experience….oh who am I fooling….I’m screwed!

I’m going to need to find a job in a crappy economy and everything will be enormously more expensive! My resume will have a blank year that reads, “Went to Vietnam to teach for a few months but screwed around the other nine,” I don’t want to go home! I’ll be an expat instead! A grizzly faced, leather skinned beer drinker that hangs out in the backpacker area, without shoes, in a tank top and headband.


2 responses to “To Be Patriot or Expatriate?

  1. I don’t know why things are so expensive in America, we do have wealth and we do love buying things so it makes sense, I suppose. Currently I don’t know what’s overpriced back home but I remember gas, cashews and houses were pretty high priced when I left.thanks for the comment, Mr. Poincaree

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