Animation of the Damned

Did my parents think the cartoons I watched on television were insane acid trips that they couldn’t decipher for the life of them?

Because if I were a parent I don’t know what I’d think about my kid being2077890250_dbb7c0bedd1 parked in front of the likes of Billy and Mandy or Courage the Dog. These are intense cartoons, but they are also (believe it or not) cerebral and mention more literary references than anything I watched as a youngster. In between the fart and snot jokes, flashing lights and screams, I have a feeling these programs are intelligent productions. I just can’t quite prove it because upon first look these cartoons look certifiably nuts. Besides not helping them settle down, are they detrimental to a youngster?

Some of these episodes act like amphetamine explosions of color with rapidly changing scenes and images and loud sounds that are literally, quite schizophrenic.

I’m a grown adult and I when I watch these courage_dognew cartoons I love the feeling of my pulse racing and my wide eyes being clockwork oranged. But I’m not a seven year old boy. Lest we forget the convulsing Japanese whose anime truly executed mind control over the masses. Admittedly, I do enjoy Billy and Mandy and I want to be concerned, but do they really differ from Elmer Fudd running around with a double barrel shotgun?

God bless the Simpsons, a dependable cartoon whose intelligence is rooted in bad influences.


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