Happy Birthday, Mr. President



4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr. President

  1. You know, yesterday I was working. Boyz II Men was playing Spirit Mountain Casino, and after setting up the stage, lighting, sound, video and band gear, I also ended up running a spotlight during the show.

    So, successful black band plays to capacity crowd on MLK Day, one day before the inauguration of the first black president of the United States. Do either of these items get mentioned? No.

    On one hand, I appreciate that they had no obligation to talk about either of these things, but they did go on and on about how honored they were to still be doing whatever the hell it is they do after eighteen whole years. It was like it was B2M day, and it was odd to put it lightly.

  2. What a sweet job you got.

    On Vietnamese cable there is about 20 English speaking stations and of those 20 about 10 of them were televising the inauguration. I think maybe the globe’s perspective on Obama’s presidency may be more excited than the laypeople of America but I don’t really know what Americans at home are thinking right now. I know many of the European foreigners and Vietnamese alike are quite enthusiastic about the thought of Obama being in the white house because he’s black, he’s great to listen to, and because he’s not Bush.

    Lemmie ask you this: Was the capacity crowd predominantly black or white? (White people love black entertainers and athletes but start talking about race and change, movements and politics, sometimes makes them uncomfortable.)Honestly I can’t imagine a lot of African-Americans there (it would be great if there were) so I wouldn’t be surprised that not much was mentioned about the monumental American/black movement of late. It’d be like going to a grizzly biker bar and bragging about the Suzuki you just bought.

    Yeah, good ol’ Spirit Mountain and their evil roulette wheels. Evil I love.

  3. Sorry so slow on the get-back. I went to Seattle the next day.

    Demographic: largely white, fat women, sometimes accompanied by largely unwilling boyfriends/husbands or entirely willing gay male companions.

    Casualties: two of my coworkers felled by shitty buffet food.

  4. Did I mention how much I love (hate) Spirit Mountain? That’s hilarious, well, not the buffet part. Thanks for the lovely insight, rb.

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